AAC Services is proud to offer some of the highest-quality heating, cooling, and air quality products available.

We carry some of the most respected manufacturers in the industry including Carrier, Burnham, New Yorker, and more.


Air Conditioning & Cooling Products

Stay cool and save a comfortable amount of money with AAC Services’ air conditioners from Dave Lennox.

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Furnaces & Heating Products

We offer a range of furnaces that will bring efficient warmth to your home featuring AFUE ratings from 80% up to 96.7%. That means that at least 80% or more of the fuel you pay for is actually converted into heat for your home.

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Mini-Split Systems

Mini-Split Systems Stylish, slim and elegant, these Fujitsu Mini-Split Systems provide both heating and cooling for year-round comfort. Mini-Split Systems are for homes with boilers that have no ductwork, homes using window air conditioners, or homes with no air conditioning at all. Mini-Split Systems offer a quiet, efficient & safe alternative.

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When you’re looking to replace your boiler, look no further than AAC Services. We’ll recommend an efficient, reliable and affordable system perfectly suited to your needs.

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During the wintertime, dry air inside your home can make you uncomfortable and cause damage to your wood floors and furniture. A whole-home humidifier can help!

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Water Heaters

Your water heater makes up for almost 25% of your energy bill. Upgrading or replacing yours to an affordable and efficient model from AAC can save you money.

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Air Cleaners

Remove allergies and other dangerous particles from the air you breathe every day with our air cleaning systems. These systems are built to last and affordable to use.

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